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What You Can Expect From Us


  • Get you the best possible price in the market for your property.
  • Minimise vacancy periods
  • Advertise your property for rent & erect a "For Rent" sign on the property
  • Add your property to our rent lists for prospective tenants.
  • Accompany all prospective tenants to inspections of your property.
  • Contact you regularly with feedback & when we receive an application.
  • Process & qualify all applications using a thorough checking procedure.
  • Consult you to discuss all applications, provide you with results from our checks and assist you with the final decision of the tenants.
  • Conduct a thorough Entry Condition Report each time new tenants move in.
  • Enforce strict rent arrears management.
  • Offer convenient rent collection options for tenants.
  • Draw up and sign the correct paperwork with the new tenant.
  • Send you a copy of the signed Lease Agreement.
  • Contact the tenant 8 weeks prior to their lease end to ask if they would like to renew.
  • Contact you to ensure you are happy with the tenants & to discuss the price.
  • Attempt to renew the lease at a higher price (unless otherwise directed by you).
  • Send you a copy of the renewed Lease Agreement within three days of signing.


  • Conduct routine inspections within 3 months of new tenants moving in then as required but at least every 6 months to ensure your property is maintained
  • Inform you in writing of the results of each inspection & any maintenance issues.
  • Send you a copy of each inspection report.


  • Send you a report each month detailing all income and expenses for your property.
  • Send you an End of Financial Year summary report for tax purposes.
  • Pay all outstanding maintenance accounts out of the rent before it is disbursed.
  • Pay all accounts relating to the property (e.g. rates, insurance) out of the rent before it is disbursed if you have those accounts sent directly to us.


  • Contact you to discuss all maintenance requests (unless given a spending limit by you).
  • Only use qualified and insured tradespeople whose work we know and trust.
  • Not charge you a maintenance surcharge or fee.
  • Get at least 2 quotes if the job is over $1000.
  • Send you the original invoice with your end of month statement for your records.

Note: In accordance with Residential Tenancy Authority laws, if it is outside working hours or we cannot contact you & we deem an issue to be an emergency, we reserve the right to have the issue attended to.

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