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Queensland Buying Process

When you wish to put in an offer on a property speak with your agent and they will draft up all the necessary documentation. Your agent will then get you to sign the contract at the amount you wish to offer, settlement date, finance clauses and any other special conditions. The agent will then present this contract to the owners at which they will decide whether to take the offer or not under your conditions. If they don't accept your offer, they will countersign at a price they are willing to accept and make any alterations to other areas of the contract. Your agent will then come back to you with this new figure and you can decide whether you are willing to pay that amount or once again countersign at a higher offer. The contract will then only be binding once both parties have countersigned all relevant changes and completely signed and initialled all areas of the contract.

Queensland buyers have a 5-business day cooling off period.

For further information regarding the Buying Process in QLD, please speak with one of our professional representatives.

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